New Home Construction:

GNP is about helping people move into the “Next Generation of living, a more informed and wise way of living.  This “Next Generation” starts with the realization that a home can have a far reaching effect on a persons way of life; shaping us, as much as we shape it.  An increasing number of people are becoming aware of this, and as a result, they are putting more thought into the place that they will be spending a majority of their time. They are demanding something better— a better way of designing and building a home, a way that leads to a simpler, healthier, more economical, more eco-friendly— in short, a more sensible and wiser way of life. They want all of this, without sacrificing anything in the way of style of character, because this too has an effect on our quality of life.  GNPS Homebuilders was begun with the purpose of meeting this growing need for a better lifestyle that comes from living in a better house.

We are not your average home builder or construction company. We specialize in  building High Performance and High Design homes. Utilizing technologies that make your home ultra-energy efficient, utilizing construction improvements that have a proven track record of performance. These techniques enable us to deliver a home to our clients that is super energy efficient, durable, comfortable and healthy to live in.