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(1) - Top 10 Benefits of a High Performance Home

1. More Efficient & Economical
A well sealed & insulated exterior building envelope and a highly efficient HVAC & hot water system yields substantial savings every month on utilities; savings that increases with time, as energy/fuel costs continue to rise.

2. More Healthy
Superior ventilation, air purification, controlled humidity, and less use of materials with off-gassing chemicals yields better air quality, less allergies/asthma, and better overall health for you and your family.

3. More Comfortable
A tight building envelope and a top-notch heating and cooling system yields more even temperatures and no draft. Fully zoned (more than 2 zones) HVAC means no rooms that are too hot or too cold.

4. More Eco-Friendly
Less energy use & use of eco-friendly building practices and products mean you are doing your part to protect the environment. Our children stand to inherit an earth with serious climate related issues, if we donít get serious about energy use and carbon emissions.

5. More Sustainable
Better quality building practices yields a more sustainable building Ė your home will last longer - and, indirectly, a more sustainable community.

6. More Technologically Advanced
The use of PV-Solar Panels , Solar Hot Water Heaters, Geothermal, Radiant Heat systems in houses that use less energy to start with making these systems even more efficient , effective and most of all financially feasible.

7. More Enjoyable to Own
Quality construction of the building envelope means less bugs, less noise from outside, and less maintenance work needed.

8. More Safe
More substantial structure means less weather related concerns; more peace of mind when the weather conditions become threatening and natural disasters occur.

9. More Solid Investment
As more and more people demand a better, greener home, existing green homes will increase in value at a faster pace than other existing homes and are likely to sell more quickly.

10. More Financing Options
More and more lenders, recognizing the better value of a green home and the savings on utilities, have begun to offer a green mortgage product called EEM Energy Efficient Mortgages.

The above characteristics are achieved through the use of a whole host of building methods and special materials. Below is a very brief introduction to these practices and products and to high performance, or green, building more generally.