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Ultimately it comes down to this, do you really want to build a house that represents the value you place on your family, yes it may cost a little more it may take a little longer, but the investment is not necessarily just in your house. You want your legacy to represent your values, this is a big investment, there are a lot of builders out there who will construct a house within your budget whatever it may be, frankly they donít careÖand they are not vested into your house long-term, because it isnít their house, they are not going to live there, they are not rearing their families or entertaining their guests, they get no benefit out of the house, after the house is completed. Their job is to complete the house as quickly as possible, make a profit and hopefully have a satisfied client, a very common way of doing business, hurry up get it done so I can have it my way, never mind the consequences of later years and how much more money I am giving OPEC. At the risk of being somewhat politically incorrect, putting the global change issues aside, there are some very serious consequences of our country being so dependant on Foreign Oil. We all agree it is time for a change and like so many other things about America it has to start at home if its going to work for the country, I see this as no different than any other change that Americans can do and will do, whether its because† the rising cost of oil, concern over the environment, government mandated changes to building codes or personal desire to own a better home, you have come to a crossroad in your lifestyle and a decision to make..you have a once or maybe twice in a lifetime opportunity to build a house, why not build a real home legacy.

Matthew 7:24